2013 National Migrant Seasonal Head Start Association Internship

2014 National Migrant Seasonal Head Start interns farewell

2015 National Migrant Seasonal Head Start Internship

NFJP Half million dollar Success Story

Longsleeve Shirt Drive 2015

PoisonPrevention Awareness Week 2015

Congressional leaders address children and tobacco

Philip Morris and Child Labor 2014 Children in the Fields’ Art and Essay Contest

Media Mentions

National Poison Awareness Week 2015 – El Semanario, New Mexico

National Farmworker Awareness Week 2015 – KEYC, Iowa and Minnesota

Internship for Migrant Seasonal Farmworker College Students – Porterville Recorder

Pesticides are Causing Farmers to become Suicidally Depressed – Munchies

Pesticides and depression – Epoch Times

Art and Essay 2014 – Laredo Morning News (Spanish)

Pesticides linked to suicide and depression – Environmental Health News

Art and Essay contest winners – Los Angeles Review of Books

Migrant farmworker children express – Al Dia News

EPA mulls changes to pesticide rule – Central Florida Agri-Leader (Tampa Tribune)

Kids take on Dangerous Work – Fusion Miami (ABC/Univision)

Working Through a Crisis – KHAS TV

Exploiting children – Aljazeera America

Children at work – Aljazeera America

It ain’t just tobacco – The Considerate Omnivore

Bolivia’s child labor laws and US – HuffPost Live

Art and Essay contest announced – Treviño TodaMedia, Grito Blast

From Fresno farm labor camps to possible “Madam Secretary” –  Fresno Bee


2014 National Conference photos.

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The Fields

Volume 2, The Hidden Faces of Farmworker Women, 2013.

Volume 1, Dangerous Exposure: Farmworker Children and Pesticides, 2011.

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