The Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs recognizes that farmworkers face many obstacles to improving their lives, and the nature of their work is dangerous and harmful not only to their health, but to the health of their family members as well.   The AFOP membership seeks to mitigate the health and safety risks that farmworkers are exposed to each day.  Through its Farmworker Health & Safety Programs, over half the AFOP organizations are able to provide health and safety training and resources to their communities as a core service.

AFOP’s Health & Safety Programs strives to empower the farmworkers community through health and safety education, resources and advocacy.

Since 1995, AFOP has partnered with the EPA to provide pesticide safety training to the farmworker community.  Since then, AFOP has committed to train as many farmworker as possible through its active network of trainers.  AFOP has partnered with OSHA since 2011 to provide occupational health and safety training topics. Each year AFOP continues to improve its material to ensure farmworkers receive the latest information about how to protect themselves from pesticide and heat exposure.

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NEED MORE INFORMATION? Please contact Melanie Forti, Director of Health & Safety Programs, AFOP.