National Farmworker Jobs Program Opens Career Doors

The spouse of a farmworker, Kasin Davis sought the help of Arkansas Human Development Corporation (AHDC) and the National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP) to enter the professional work force and ended up changing her life for the better. Before coming to the program, Kasin’s total income came from minimum wage and part-time jobs. In the period immediately prior to enrolling , she had no income. She and her husband also had no insurance, and they found it increasingly difficult to get by.

Wanting, needing to find more stable, professional employment, Kasin approached AHDC to secure the necessary training to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN). After overcoming the challenges of LPN training while also caring for her family, Kasin completed her LPN training, finishing second in her class, and soon after passed her state board exam. With AHDC’s help, she secured employment at the ArCare medical facility in McCrory, Arkansas. Her annual income is now about $43,000, and she qualifies for paid vacation, sick leave, and health benefits. She is very excited about her future and keenly appreciates AHDC assistance and the NFJP. Having helped Kasin with tuition, books and supplies, a bi-weekly stipend, as well as childcare and transportation cost, AHDC said it had every confidence Kasin would achieve her goals. In fact, Kasin is now attending RN training while working. Kasin knew she saw opportunity, and went for it. Said Kasin, “Thank you Arkansas Human Development. Thank you NFJP!”

A happy footnote to this story is that AHDC also helped Kasin’s farmworker husband receive the help he needed to upgrade his position. He is now a warehouse manager at SFR Seed Company in McCrory, Arkansas.