Wendy is a resident of the municipality of Ponce, Puerto Rico and has been through many ups and downs in life along with a criminal record and the label as a high school dropout.  Often times, Wendy felt defeated and hopeless and with limited employment options, he started working in the agriculture field. The closest farm was forty-five minutes walking distance from his house yet Wendy walked every day to the farm because he wanted to work.  It was at the farm where Wendy found out about PathStone Corporation.


Wendy called the PathStone office for an appointment and after receiving orientation regarding our training and employment services he decided to enroll in the program. Once in the program, Wendy worked with PathStone employees to develop a plan of action to help achieve his training and employment goals.  The first thing they decided to work on was obtaining his High School Diploma while also deciding to get a work industry specialization and was oriented on Asbestos and Lead Removal Training. Wendy did such a great job during the asbestos and lead training that the training provider, BEST Environmental, gave Wendy a scholarship for a 40 hrs. training in Hazwoper and Confined Spaces. Wendy also completed training as a forklift operator and training in English as second language.


With all of his training and experience, Wendy was hired by Technical Demolition and Recycling Services as a full-time employee and steady salary. Wendy is very happy and likes his job very much. He continues to stay in contact with PathStone staff and recently shared with us that he is going to become a dad!  Wendy feels that PathStone gave him a life opportunity by enhancing his skills, supporting him and making him believe in second opportunities. Wendy is truly a role model for all of our participants!