Before starting his high school senior year, Nelson worked in a dairy farm to help with his family’s finances. He was happy he did because, as a result of that work, he was eligible to receive National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP) training and employment services from PathStone.

Nelson’s family could not afford to pay for college, so when he went searching for a short course of instruction that was of interest to him, and learned that PathStone could offer him that opportunity and find him a job, too.

Nelson expressed interest in a course on industrial welding, and when he was told PathStone offers that training, he wasted no time completing the all necessary paperwork.

Nelson not only entered and successfully completed the industrial welding course, but he also completed the PathStone Job Readiness/PX2 Training, and English as a Second Language course.

Nelson excelled in industrial welding, so it was no surprise that he was the first out of his training group to enter job placement. Nelson was referred to an employer by the training provider and was provided gasoline to attend the interview.  The next day, he took safety training and, two weeks later, he began working as a welder-painter for Quaoar Solutions Group earning $8.75 an hour.  Nelson says the sky’s the limit and thanks NFJP and PathStone for giving him this chance to prove himself.

Congratulations, Nelson,on a job well done!