Why do you need to advocate?

The voices of farmworker children are rarely heard and their struggles are rarely understood. The Children in the Fields Campaign is working to help them share their stories and become leaders in their own communities through farmworker youth photo exhibits, student-led conferences, and educational materials. In addition, AFOP hosts an annual Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Children Essay and Art Contest.


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  • Learn about where your food comes from and educate others about the plight of farmworker children

  • Support educational programs for farmworker children

  • Advocate for more protections for children who work in agriculture

  • Support fair food and fair living wages for all farmworkers

Join local grassroots groups in your state!

In 2009, the Children in the Fields Campaign launched a new phase to increase grassroots efforts in five key states and garner support for better protection of farmworker children under the law, providing them with equal opportunities for success. Regional Coordinators in the farmworker communities of California, North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, and Texas have formed community coalitions and farmworker youth councils to raise awareness about the persistent issue of child labor in our agricultural system.