2024-2025 ATI: Using Engagement and Guidance to Drive Outcomes

ATI is a year-long training course for ALL AFOP member staff interested in learning HOW TO DO THEIR JOB BETTER while ENJOYING IT EVEN MORE.

Join the new ATI program that will launch this fall at AFOP’s 2024 National Conference!

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This year AFOP is partnering with Mike Fazio from Workforce180 to offer ATI certification in two areas: Business Services and Leadership Development.  Both certifications are built on a hybrid learning model comprised of live training, in-person instruction, and self-paced online content.  When you register for ATI, you will have access to the following:

  • September 2024: A kick-off training at the AFOP 2024 National Conference that will provide an orientation and educational content in either business services or leadership development;
  • October 2024 – August 2025:
    • Bi-monthly live Zoom sessions with Mike Fazio and the Workforce180 team.
    • Online course content for Business Services and/or Leadership Development. Each course includes downloadable PDFs for using best practices taught in the course.
    • Podcasts: exclusive access to 12 podcast interviews all of which build on the connection between course content and the mission of AFOP.
    • Workshop summary “tip cards.” These are useful for quick access instruction reminders and reinforcement.
    • All exams must be passed at 80% or higher. Multiple attempts are permitted.
    • A certificate in Business Services and/or Leadership Development.
  • September 2025: an in-person wrap-up session and certification ceremony that recognizes each participant’s achievement in the ATI program.


🔶 Business Services Certification: The Power of Engagement

We can no longer expect employers (or clients) to simply walk in the door. These days successful engagers are using innovative strategies and tactics to adapt to our changed world. Whether you engage with clients or employers or both, this is a course you will truly enjoy! We’ll explore the most effective ways to approach and communicate with people; how to explain who we are and what we do; how to make amazingly impactful presentations; how to overcome concerns and objections plus so much more. I hope you can join us and discover the secrets of Mike’s Think-Know-Act-Grow formula for success!


Perception vs Reality

Motivating Employers

I’m In Sales?

Evolving and Adapting

Average is Over!

The Purple Squirrel

Using Data to Win

Effective Communication

Content Marketing

Using Social Media

Subject Matter Consultant

Using Qualifying Questions

Engaging Employers Value Propositions

Rapport Building

Overcoming Objections

How When and Why to Follow-Up

Building Employer Relationships

🔶 Leadership Development Certification: The Impact of Guidance

Unlock your leadership potential with our comprehensive Leadership Development Certification course. Leadership is not just about titles or corner offices—it’s about inspiring and guiding others regardless of your position. This course empowers you to recognize and develop your unique leadership style whether you’re an emerging leader team member or seasoned executive. Through interactive sessions, practical exercises and real-world scenarios you’ll learn to influence, motivate, and drive positive change within your organization. Discover the leader within you and harness the power to make a meaningful impact. Join us and transform your ability to lead with confidence, authenticity, and effectiveness. Mike believes EVERYONE IS A LEADER! Join us and learn why!


Section 1 – Aligning Organizational and Employee Purpose

  • Introduction
  • Lesson 1 – Job Career or Purpose?
  • Lesson 2 – Building Emotional Intelligence
  • Lesson 3 – Managing Cross-Functional Teams

Section 2 – Leading Your Team Through Change

  • Introduction
  • Lesson 1 – Communication Strategies
  • Lesson 2 – Creating a Learning Culture
  • Lesson 3 – Embracing Delegation as a Skill

Section 3 – Future-Ready Growth Skills

  • Introduction
  • Lesson 1 – 360-Degree Feedback
  • Lesson 2 – Expanding Peer Relationships
  • Lesson 3 – Coaching and Mentoring to Build Future Leaders

Mike Fazio is the Co-President for Workforce180 and Metrix Learning. Both are well-known industry organizations specializing in assisting both job seekers and industry professionals through Training, Podcasting and Marketing. He and his team have assisted more than 700 different workforce, government and non-profit organizations, from all 50 states + DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and Canada. Mike has enjoyed a 25 year + career focused on Sales, Management, Marketing and Recruiting and wakes up every day with a definitive belief that consistent, enthusiastic coaching and leadership, provides individuals and organizations the tools needed to reach their highest levels of performance. He has historically implemented successful strategic programs in both his corporate and government experiences and is driven by an uncanny, unreal, unparalleled, unbelievable and unending passion to help and teach others. He is so thrilled to be back working with all the amazing people who are part of AFOP! More at www.workforce180.com/mike and www.linkedin.com/in/workforcemike

Mike Fazio

Workforce180 was established in 2014 and acquired by Certus (www.certus.com) in 2023. It provides Podcasting, Training and Consulting services in the workforce development industry to government agencies, educational entities, non-profits, private industry, and other similar organizations. Workforce180 has licenses to conduct business in the United States and US Virgin Islands.Workforce180’s high-level relationships, sales strategies, brand-building, diversified revenue streams, team of SMEs, relationship monitoring, and customer service has resulted in a database of 22,000 emails + contracts from more than 660 organizations, in all 50 states + DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, Cayman Islands, Canada & USVI who have paid for its services. Workforce180’s innovative approaches like podcasting, live zooms, consulting agreements, online training and marketing partnerships continue to produce successful results. Executive level contacts and key relationships include National Association of Workforce Boards, National Associating of Workforce Development Professionals, International Association of Workforce Professionals, Goodwill Industries International, California Workforce Association, Florida Workforce Development Association and Pennsylvania Workforce Association, in addition to its strong multi-contract work with Equus Workforce Solutions, Easter Seals, Goodwill Industries, ICF and the US Virgin Islands Department of Labor and Workforce Development Board. www.workforce180.com