Officers and Staff

Executive Board


jesus-gamboaJesús Gamboa, President.  Jesús is Chief Operating Officer for Proteus, Inc in California, and serves on the AFOP Board.




Franklin Montgomery, Vice President. Franklin is Director of Field Services for Motivation, Education and Training (MET) in Louisiana, and serves on the AFOP Board.


Ron Hauge, Treasurer.  Ron is the Executive Director of the Oregon Human Development Corporation and serves on the Board of AFOP.


korene gonzalezKorene Gonzalez, Secretary. Korene is the Program and Grant Administrator of the Department of Labor’s National Farmworker Jobs Program (Employment and Training Program) at the Community Council of Idaho, and serves on the Board of AFOP.





Daniel Sheehan is the executive director at AFOP.  He joined the association in this capacity September 10, 2012.  Daniel brings 25 years of public policy experience to the association, with a particular focus on improving communities.  He previously worked as a professional registered lobbyist representing a wide variety of public-sector clients, including local governments, transit systems, airports, and universities.  Prior to becoming a lobbyist, Daniel served as a professional staff member for a United States senator, United States representative, and a committee of the United States House of Representatives.  Daniel holds a bachelor of arts degree in history and macro-economics from the College of William & Mary in Virginia.

Robert Crumley is the Director of Communications at AFOP. He works legislative issues on Capitol Hill, develops and implements all media and communications strategies for AFOP, including its Job Training Program, Health & Safety Programs, the Children in the Fields Campaign, as well as providing assistance to the organization’s 52 member agencies. Robert also produces the organization’s bimonthly newsletter, The Washington Newsline. Prior to joining AFOP in 2013, Robert had a consulting business with national clients representing municipalities, politicians, associations and non-profits.  Earlier in his career he coordinated outreach programs for high-risk populations in the Pacific Northwest, and provided public relations for Cox Cable.  Robert earned his degree in communications from Eastern Washington University.

katyKathleen Nelson is AFOP’s Director of Workforce Development.  She works closely with colleagues at the US Department of Labor to provide technical assistance and other support to NFJP grantees.  Prior to joining AFOP, Kathleen worked as a contract analyst for several workforce development projects across multiple agencies, including a stint at the Labor Department working directly on NFJP.  She also has background and experience in privacy and technology policy and advocacy.  Kathleen earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


francescaFrancesa Larsen is the Office Administrator/Program Manager at AFOP. She works with the executive director and finance manager, supporting the needs of AFOP’s office, staff, and board of directors. Francesca is also responsible for the planning of two annual  conferences. Prior to joining AFOP, Francesca worked as an Attorney at the World Bank and recently moved back to the Washington, DC after an 8 year World Bank assignment in Warsaw, Poland. Francesca is an experienced organizer of conferences, workshops and meetings, managing international development projects and performing policy advocacy work for both the World Bank and the United Nations.  Francesca has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science/International Relations, a Masters degree in International Business Management and a Juris Doctor degree in law with a focus on Corporate Finance. She  brings a lighthearted infusion of energy and professional insight to her position.

Health & Safety Programs

Melanie Forti is a the Director of Health & Safety Programs for AFOP. Prior to working in this capacity she was the Program Manager for this same department. In this role, she manages the OSHA heat stress and prevention project, Project LEAF, the SAFE AmeriCorps program, and the growth of the flagship pesticide safety education program, Project HOPE.  She also manages site compliance, supervisors’ engagement, and compliance with federal program requirements and regulations. As a program director, Melanie collaborates on fundraising and grant writing as well, helping to successfully secure funding opportunities for Health & Safety Programs. A native of Puerto Rico, Melanie relocated to Washington, D.C. in 2009 to work for AFOP. She brings over 11 years of  supervision, training, and management experience in the private and public sectors. Melanie holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Sacred Heart University in Puerto Rico.

Vashti Kelly is the Program Manager for AFOP’s Health & Safety Programs. As the Program Manager she organizes AFOP’s Health & Safety Programs’ education projects. Vashti develops low-literacy, bilingual curriculum and training materials related to pesticide safety and other topics for farmworkers. Vashti is responsible for recruiting trainers and training sites, organizing train-the-trainer events, and conducting various Train-the-Trainer courses. Vashti is also in charge of AFOP’s Health & Safety Programs newest publication Sazón para la Salud. Prior to joining AFOP in 2012 to work on the Children in the Fields Campaign, Vashti obtained valuable experience in workforce development programs in South Florida, where she also worked as a contract teacher for the public school system. Vashti holds a Master’s of International Relations from Florida International University. She graduated from the University of Miami in Florida with a dual Bachelor’s of International Studies and Spanish as well as studied abroad at the Universidad de Cantabria in Spain.

miguel picMiguel Vélez is the Program Administrative Coordinator for AFOP’s Health & Safety Programs. He is responsible for coordinating AFOP’s Health & Safety Programs’ education projects and assists in the development of low-literacy, bilingual curricula and training materials related to pesticide safety and other topics for farmworkers. He also organizes the Health & Safety Programs’ social media and contributes to the Sazón para la Salud monthly newsletter.  Miguel obtained his master’s degree from San Diego State University in Latin American Studies and Public Health where he researched pesticide risk exposure with farmworkers and the Mixteco language and culture. He also brings to AFOP over ten  years of experience working with national public health non-profit organizations.


The Children In The Fields Campaign

Norma Flores López is the director of the Children in the Fields Campaign at AFOP. She has long been an active advocate for migrant farmworker children’s rights and continues to raise awareness of migrant farmworker issues across the country in her current role. Norma has also had the opportunity to testify before Congress and has appeared on national news outlets on issues related to child labor in agriculture. In addition to her years of experience as an advocate, Norma has invaluable firsthand experience with farmworker issues. Growing up as a child of a migrant farmworker family from South Texas, she began working in the fields at the age of 12, where she continued working until she graduated from high school. Prior to joining at AFOP in 2009, Norma worked managing national and local clients at public relations firms. Norma graduated from the University of Texas Pan-American in Edinburg, Texas, with a bachelor’s degree in communications and studied abroad at the Universidad de Salamanca in Spain.